Zodiac Youths Who Appear Much Younger Than Their Actual Age 

Maybe it's because skincare is such a big deal among millennials. Who is Gen Z's favorite vaper? 

Sign of the Ram  No matter your age, you despise conforming to established norms.  

You like to do your own thing rather than what's "supposed" to be done, unless a police officer is directly behind you, observing your every move. 

Leo  When it comes to skincare, you are treated like royalty.  

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You believed the old saying, "wear sunscreen every day," since you are highly self-conscious about how you look. 

Water signs  Even with laugh wrinkles around your eyes and a vintage dress on, folks would think you're much younger than you actually are. 

Your sense of curiosity and humor is timeless and reminiscent of a carefree youth.  

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