Your state's morning staple

Americans love breakfast. A lot. Their love of the meal makes once a day insufficient.  

Marie Haaland of the New York Post reports that many Americans have breakfast for dinner. The American staple has become an event rather than a meal.  

Brunch's popularity and the seemingly limitless breakfast menu alternatives across show that breakfast is a major business.   

This wasn't always. Dora Mekouar of VOA News writes that early Americans ate bread, eggs, and leftovers for breakfast. The lunch was convenient.  

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Since breakfast is a popular American meal, that's no longer true. Breakfast meals are historically and traditionally rooted in every state.   

Breakfast tables across the US convey stories, from family cuisine to European-Native American fusions, cowboy food to Mexican heritage.  

Stacker produced trademark breakfast meals from all 50 states using articles, agriculture, and past trends that shaped modern food.   

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