Worldwide Dog Breeds With the Smallest Chows 

Some dog breeds are known to grow taller than their owners, while others tend to be on the smaller side. 

A few dog breeds have managed to shatter the world record for smallest canine, all down to generations of selective breeding and rigorous genetic selection. 

This article will take a look at some of the world's tiniest canine varieties.  

Over the years, smaller dog breeds have become more popular as pets, 

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while larger ones have served more practical purposes, such as rescuing stranded sailors or pulling carts pulled by mules.  

Highland Canine Training was one of many pet, leisure, and lifestyle periodicals contacted by 24/7 Tempo in its quest to identify the world's tiniest dog breeds.  

Then, to double-check some details about each breed, we checked resources like Britannica and the American Kennel Club. 

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