Wonderful Pet Projects to Love Your Pet  

It is. New use for duct tape: cleaning. Because of its stickiness, duct tape can be used to remove pet hair faster than vacuuming.  

Also works on car seats. Entering corners is easy with a sponge or cloth covered in duct tape. Duct tape a paint roller cover sticky side out.   

Roll the paint cover over carpet or furniture to collect pet hair. As hair accumulates, add tape.Your SmartFeeder can hold 7 pounds of food.  

After scheduling mealtime, the app automatically distributes quantities according on your pet's age, weight, food type, and activity level.   

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The free app provides nutritional data and alerts you when your pet was fed and how much, as well as when food is running low.  

If you're low on food, Petnet delivers.Plastic covers your doors from your dog's claws.   

Cut the Plexiglas to fit inside the door jambs and 1 foot above your dog's reach.  

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