Which dog breeds are most prone to separation anxiety? 

When you're not around, some dogs will whimper, cry, or bark; others can go destructive and rip out your furniture.  

To lessen or eliminate separation anxiety, it is helpful to provide mental and physical stimulation, socialize the pet, and teach them well.  

The way a dog lives its life, its early experiences, and the dog's temperament all have a big impact on how the dog acts as an adult. 

When a puppy is born as the sole pup in its litter, it may experience separation anxiety if its new home does not have any other dogs.  

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Additionally, boarding kennels can be an overwhelming experience for some dogs. 

The level of social interaction and attention required by dogs of the same breed might differ substantially.  

But there are some dog breeds and mixes that have a reputation for being more sociable and loving than others. 

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