We Love These Movie Animals More Than The Cast

Many movie animals have won our hearts and grown more beloved than the cast throughout the years. 

These dogs, cats, primates, and other creatures that don't fit into a category make some of Pixar's best movies even better and add another element to excellent sci-fi movies.

The following animals have appeared in movies, either as the lead character in a family-friendly comedy or as a supporting character who gradually takes control.

What's not to love about Paul King's marmalade-loving Paddington bear? The beloved character from the classic children's books of the same name, voiced by Ben Whishaw, steals the show and snacks, everywhere. 

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Even though the Brown family is great, we can't get enough of Paddington Bear, even in prison.“That’ll do pig, that’ll do,” James Cromwell’s Arthur Hoggett in Babe concludes, encapsulating our love for Christine Cavanaugh’s beloved pig.

Chris Noonan's 1995 comedy about a pig who becomes a sheep-dog has multiple fantastic characters, but this charming and courageous one is the best.

Brian Levant's 1992 comedy's best character is St. Bernard, who is relatable like George Newton in Beethoven.

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