Veterinarians treat uncommon autoimmune illness, save dog.

When Lanie, an English silver Labrador retriever, started displaying signs of another illness less than a year after her first two autoimmune disorders, her owners took her to a trusted emergency veterinary facility.

The doctors tried everything to help Lanie but decided she needed more advanced diagnostic equipment.

Anthony and Clara M. Simpson were advised by the clinic to transport her to Texas A&M University's Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH).

The Texas A&M Internal Medicine and Soft Tissue Surgery teams helped Lanie recover, but her diagnosis was surprising.

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After Anthony started traveling more for work in 2022, the Simpsons wanted a puppy. 

When they brought Lanie home from Ardmore, Oklahoma, they soon bonded with their silver pup and became a family of three.

Instead of being a lively puppy at approximately 3 months old, Lanie was lethargic and uninterested in anything.

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