Vet Advice on Calming a Dog

Does your dog hide under the bed during storms? You depart for work, do they pace and pant? Seeing your pet shake and look afraid crushes your heart.

You want to tell dogs there's nothing to fear, but they don't comprehend. Their fear is real, but they don't have to live with it.

can restore their safety and happiness. Bring back those joyous tail wags with these simple professional tricks.

Canine anxiety is a dangerous illness that causes continuous concern, nervousness, and fear that affects their health. 

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Dog anxiety is continuous and debilitating, unlike transient periods of panic during stress.Touch can calm an anxious dog.

How do you make sure your touch calms rather than stresses? Focus on caressing your dog's shoulders, tail base, or chest. Focus on body language and calm, delicate strokes.

A calm tail wag and gentle eyes indicate enjoyment! If they stiffen, lick their lips, or look away, it may be too much.

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