US Military Dog Training

Have you wondered how police and military dogs learn to execute their jobs? This essay examines these heroes' Lackland Air Force Base training in San Antonio, Texas.

 Prepare to be amazed! About 400 European canines are brought to the base. Rest are bred at the base in the 1998 breeding program. 

Dogs aged 6 weeks to 7 months are fostered by community members.Given the skills these canines gain, only suitable breeds can undertake this task.

Strong, confident dogs who will defend their handlers at any costs. Lackland trains 1- to 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, and German Shepherds.

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 At one year old, they are tested again, and 30–50 canines enter the formal training program each year.

Before starting patrol and detection training, dogs must learn fundamental obedience. This makes logical since they must follow basic directions before moving on to higher training.

 These prospective military dogs also conquer an obstacle course to prepare them for field difficulties. They practice windows, small crawl spaces, and staircases on the obstacle course before they meet them in the field. 

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