Unsuitable Dogs for Families 

To help you narrow down your options for a new family pet, we've created a list of 18 breeds that may not be the ideal choices if you plan to have children. 

Pet Helpful recommends keeping your Dachshund from getting overweight, using the stairs, or leaping on furniture to protect its long back from any injuries.  

Additionally, they stress the significance of picking up and holding a Dachshund correctly, which may not be something children excel at. 

The Doberman's protective instincts could cause it to mistake a child's play or noise for an attack, and the dog's strength and size could make it too much for young children to handle. 

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The constant and expert instruction they need to control their protective tendencies could be too much for a family with little free time. 

The Caucasian Ovcharka was selectively bred to guard sheep herds from both domestic and wild predators, as stated by the Pet Health Clinic. 

“Very assertive and strong-willed” is the outcome.  

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