Unique Chicken Recipes

Chicken may be America's favorite meat, but making the same thing becomes boring. These dishes provide new ideas, techniques, and tasty flavors to try.  

An genuine recipe for saucy chicken paprikash (paprikás csirke), a famous Hungarian dish with tender chicken in a thick, creamy, and savory sauce.  

Golden Glow soup, made with bone broth, sweet potatoes, carrots, ginger, turmeric, lemon, and kale, is anti-inflammatory and beta-carotene-rich.  

This sheet pan curried chicken with creamy tahini dressing makes a quick but tasty dinner.   

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Using chicken breasts or thighs, this meal has vegetables, lentils, and distinct flavors.  

Grandma's chicken noodle soup is never dull with handmade egg noodles!So much flavor in this creamy recipe.  

Fresh and canned tomatoes with basil make a delicious, quick dinner.Old or excess roosters lying around? Use this French recipe to make real coq au vin.  

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