Tropical Drinks From Around The World You Must Try

A tropical cocktail is the perfect way to escape to a tropical paradise. These fruity drinks are excellent for relaxing on the beach or in your backyard.  

Tropical cocktails combine exotic flavors and brilliant colors to bring the tropics to your taste buds.  

Rum, vodka, or tequila combined with tropical fruits including pineapple, mango, and coconut in a festive glass with little umbrellas, fruit slices, and sometimes a paper parrot.  

What distinguishes tropical cocktails from tiki drinks? While both celebrate island life, tropical cocktails emphasize freshness and fruitiness with actual fruit juices and purees.  

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However, tiki cocktails use exotic syrups, spices, and herbs to create complex, layered flavors reminiscent of a tropical excursion.  

Discover tropical cocktails to transport you to paradise, from classic piña coladas to exotic Singapore slings.  

Start your cocktail trip with these 14 tropical beverages from around the world you must try.   


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