Trainer Explains How Enrichment Toys Improve Dog Life

Dogs need exercise and amusement to stay healthy and happy. Although toys are fun, some dogs need more challenging exercises. 

Despite the excitement on social media around this phrase, you may be wondering if buying these things is worth it.

Even while not all dogs need them, pet parents who use them love them.Harvey appears happy with his new toys! When I bought my dogs snuffle mats, I thought I was squandering money. 

Actually, my tiny Frenchy mix, who loves trying new things, liked the concept. We let them play on their mats on rainy days or when guests are arriving.

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they work great.Reduce stress. She says a puzzle toy can help Harvey relax when the maintenance man arrives by distracting him.

These activities can replicate their natural tendencies like shredding, sniffing, and foraging.

Effects brain health. She says these puzzle toys can improve cognitive performance and brain health at all ages.

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