Top-Rated Keto Meal Plans for Newbies 

A healthy breakfast is the best way to start the day, and sticking to the ketogenic diet makes it a breeze.  

The perfect keto meal is similar to a traditional breakfast in that it keeps nutrients balanced, but with a few tweaks.  

Produce (fruits and vegetables) should provide a protein source, a substantial amount of fat, and a little amount of carbs. 

Vegetables are usually the best option while following the ketogenic diet 

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as a portion of fruit would probably eliminate all of the carbohydrates from that meal. 

While keto doesn't permit the classic deli sandwich or chips, we can suggest many other tasty alternatives.  

This component of the ketogenic diet, similar to breakfast, should attain the keto balance of minimal carbohydrates, moderate fat, and moderate protein, with the addition of some leafy greens. 

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