Top Picks for Pacing Your Dog's Food Dispenser 

To physically slow down your dog's eating pace, slow feeder dog bowls use distinctive designs that integrate texture or ridges. 

If you're looking for a way to slow feed your dog without sacrificing mental stimulation, consider using an enrichment toy or puzzle. 

The proliferation of slow feeder dog bowls has left pet owners bewildered by the sheer number of alternatives available.  

In comparison to their plastic equivalents, ceramic dog dishes not only appear nicer, but they also last longer. 

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Pawaboo is highly durable and genuinely non-slip, which is why we adore it. 

It will still take your pet a long time to eat all that kibble because the medium/large size fits a lot. 

We adore the elevated ridges because they make it that much more challenging to extract every last bite of food. 

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