Top Picks for Canine Mattresses 

Our canine and feline companions slumber for long periods of time.   

Although a chilly, hard floor or a worn-out old rug would suffice in an emergency, they would much prefer to sleep on a plush bed, just like the rest of us.  

But we tend to forget this—or get them the incorrect bed—because kids can't express themselves. 

A human-sized dog bed is now available, too, so you and your canine can both get some shut-eye! 

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You should give some consideration to your fur baby's needs before purchasing a dog bed because,  

just like human mattresses, they come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, shapes, quality, and features.  

Even while your Dachshund loves to cuddle up in a nice, soft bed, a Husky with the genes to survive really cold weather might not enjoy it. 

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