Top Global Dog Breeds for Intelligence 

Canine intelligence encompasses a wide range of skills, including the capacity to solve problems, adjust to new situations, and learn commands quickly.  

Over the years, many academics and dog trainers have conducted experiments and evaluations with the goal of determining and categorizing the IQ of various dog breeds.  

While there are many variables influencing a dog's intellect, including heredity, upbringing, 

and individual characteristics, several breeds have consistently demonstrated exceptional intelligence. 

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The remarkable intelligence and adaptability of the English Cocker Spaniel have earned it widespread acclaim.  

These dogs are amazing at many canine activities, like as agility and obedience, and they are also very intelligent and loving. 

Not only do their trademark long, floppy ears add to their cuteness, but they also serve an important function by sending scents straight to their acute nostrils. 

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