Top Dog Breeds for Behaviour 

Every dog is a good dog. That is a well-known truth. On the other hand, it is a fact that certain breeds are more mischievous than others. 

However, which breeds are recognized for being the most well-behaved of all the breeds? 

Dogs of varying sizes and characteristics are included in this group, ranging from the teeny-tiny papillon to the enormous Irish wolfhound. 

These dog breeds are the most well-behaved, which means you can experience all the affection without having to worry about any of the headaches.  

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The name of this breed comes from the very large and fluttery ears that resemble the wings of a butterfly, 

which are referred to as papillon on the French side of the language.  

Due to the fact that they are happy, energetic, and little in size, the dogs are quite simple to care for. 

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