This donut-like cake is eaten for breakfast in Italy.

Have you wondered how other countries have breakfast? Ciambella, donut-like cakes, are common breakfast food in Italy.  

The traditional Italian cake is commonly served with coffee, strong expresso, cappuccino, or coffee with a shot of liquor.   

Bakers use olive oil and lemons to produce ciambella. Though recognized as an Italian Easter cake, ciambella is enjoyed year-round.Ciambella's history is murky.  

The cake may have been first eaten with Easter eggs and cured salami in Emilia-Romanga, Italy.  

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Others claim Leone Ciambelli, a Madrid baker, invented the ciambella and entered it in a disputed baking competition. Mystery and urban legends about its origins make it more appealing.   

From January to December, ciambella is served for dessert or as an appetizer in Italy over breakfast.  

It's easy to make and eaten with hams, salamis, and cheeses or gifted at parties.Simple ingredients like eggs, sugar, olive oil, flour, and lemon zest make caambella easy to bake.   

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