Things Dogs Hate About People

When it comes to our dogs, a lot of us have a lot of pet peeves, such their incessant barking, muddy paw prints inside the home, and extremely slobbery face licks.

However, have you ever thought what our canine pals find most annoying about us? These are the top 18 human traits that dogs find repulsive.

Dogs are more affected by loud noises than humans are because they have a far more sensitive sense of hearing. 

Even though you might not give sudden noises like slamming doors, loud voices, or others much thought, your dog might find them frightening, stressful, or unsettling. 

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ome dogs, according to PetMD, also suffer from a noise phobia, which can make them more stressed out when they hear loud noises.

Although many humans view hugs as a sign of love, most dogs don't feel nearly the same way. Hugs can really make dogs feel a little claustrophobic, as they typically respect their personal space just as much as people do. 

Before giving your dog a bear hug, take sure to observe their demeanor and body language.

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