They Need Love According to Zodiac Signs  

Wednesday, March 27, 2024, provides a transit that prompts self-reflection.   

Today, we'll exploit that characteristic. Sometimes we have to set our own love rules, especially when our hearts are at stake.  

We don't want love to damage us again. When we're 'taking back' and setting limits during the Moon Square Pluto transit, it's to protect ourselves.  

Love is always up to interpretation, making it difficult to know what to expect from it. Wednesday may reveal that we dislike something in our relationship and wish to end it.  

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We may love our partner, but it doesn't imply they can act freely around us.There must be relational rules.   

When those rules are recklessly broken, we must say'stop!' We may seem self-serving, yet some things cannot proceed.   

Wednesday's Moon square Pluto transit advises three zodiac signs to intervene before it's too late. Whether selfish or not, we must act.  

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