The Most Delicious Food Jokes on April Fools' Day 

Try to put yourself in your loved ones' shoes and imagine the look of shock on their faces when you announce that dessert will be cake or raw potatoes.  

With delicious tofu cappuccino to end the day of playful fun, go through this collection to explore entertaining food pranks that span from cupcakes for supper to hot dogs for dessert. 

April Fools! Dig into juicy chicken chunks covered in cream sauce, corn, carrots, peas, and a golden crust. 

Pound cake, vanilla pudding, and candy bits make up this trifle, which is crowned with a lattice of butterscotch candy. 

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There is no egg or frying involved in this sunny-side-up delicacy! 

This easy snack, shared with us by Jillian Dubien, requires only two ingredients. 

Use vanilla wafers, shredded coconut, and a few drizzles of colored icing to make some cute little bite-sized burgers.  

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