The Most Adorable Black Dog Breeds for Your Pet Needs 

As a breed, Belgians—sometimes referred to as Groenendaels after a village in their home country—are known as dog world workaholics. 

In everything they do, from playing a sport to earning a job, they're willing to pay it all.  

They anticipate receiving an abundance of attention in exchange. 

This fuzzy guy looks much like a huge schnauzer, Newfoundland, or Airedale terrier, to name a few possible breeds. 

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Russian black bears can reach a weight of 140 pounds. You should be prepared for them to be reserved at first.  

Skip, the lone black dog, is small and mischievous with a black coat, an inquisitive mind, and a self-assured demeanor. 

Because they were the customary Belgian barge dogs for catching rats, the name means "little captain" in Flemish. 

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