The finest canine bristle brushes for every coat type 

More shedding and stray hairs throughout the house can result from not brushing your hair regularly.  

In addition, our specialists warn that you run the risk of your puppy developing skin infections and irritations as a result of the increased likelihood of severe tangles and mats.  

In addition to giving you greater control over your pet's grooming and helping you bond with them, a thorough brushing routine can also aid with both.  

We polled expert dog groomers to find out what kinds of brushes, combs,  

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and deshedding tools are best for dogs with different coat types, as well as diverse hair lengths and textures. 

On top of that, we included their top picks for where to buy brushes, as well as some favorites from the Select team. 

You can also get curry combs, which are said by our experts to be perfect for short-haired dogs as they prepare for bath time by removing any stray hairs.  

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