The Eclipse Doughnut Was Recently Released by Krispy Kreme and Oreo 

The amazing snack options, like the new Krispy Kreme and Oreo doughnut collaboration, are the best part.  

Tuesday, the two companies introduced an eclipse-themed limited-edition treat. 

The moniker, "Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut," is quite fitting. 

Get yourself into the road of these goodies, which you will devour in their whole, even if you can't be on the path of totality.  

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Stop by and pick some up for yourself and a friend so you can satisfy your sweet tooth and your scientific curiosity all at once. 

Shops and the Krispy Kreme app/website will sell the Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut from Friday, April 5, through Monday, April 8. 

But hurry, since it won't be available for much longer—and we guarantee it will sell out quickly—so be sure to arrive early.  

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