The Dogs That Disobey Their Owners the Most 

Siberian Huskies are gorgeous and courageous dogs with striking blue eyes and a wolf-like look. 

If Houdini were a dog, he'd be a Huskie because of their famed talent for escape artistry.  

Even the most patient owners may find themselves tested by this breed's feisty spirit and limitless energy. 

Afghan Hounds have an air of polite disobedience that belies their majestic demeanor and long, flowing coats.  

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They are more like to cats in that they demand to be treated as such. 

Their ability to selectively receive directives and act accordingly is very remarkable, since they satisfy their royal whims at will. 

Bassets' droopy eyelids give them a melancholy appearance, but they're actually quite happy to ignore you. 

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