The American Leopard Hound: A Dog Breed Overview and Care Guide  

This large to medium-sized dog, sometimes called a leopard cur, is recognized for its strong personality and loud bark. 

These frightening traits don't diminish their potential to be loving companions for an energetic family. 

Adaptable and protective, the American leopard hound needs plenty of mental challenges and, like with other hounds, is a real talker. 

The American leopard hound, often mistaken for its larger cousin the Catahoula leopard dog, is an excellent choice for hunters  

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who admire the Catahoula's appearance and temperament but would rather have a smaller dog that gets along well with children and other pets.  

Even though it is one of the oldest dog breeds in the United States, the exact origins of the American leopard hound—a traditional tree dog—remain a mystery. 

The origins of the breed have been the subject of debate, with theories ranging from Scottish herding dogs to those originating in Spain, France, England, and Ireland. 

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