Stunning Wolf Dog Breeds to Complement Your Family 

This includes both large and small dogs, hairy and hairless, lupine and otherwise. 

Be that as it may, wolf dog breeds... All domestic dogs, Canis familaris, descended from wolves.  

People say, "Aww!" when they see these dogs, which are members of the canine family.  

Although they lack it, wolves outsmart dogs in intelligence and have larger fangs. 

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Spitz breeds are visually similar to wolves and have a close family relationship to them.  

However, genetic research has shown that dogs with a more wolf-like appearance, such as the Afghan hound, Shih Tzu, and basenji, are actually very connected to wolves. 

To some extent, it's correct that wolf-looking dogs are more directly connected to wolves than other breeds, but that doesn't make them the most primal.  

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