The Most Adorable Dog Breeds 

People often think these dogs are too needy because of their extreme adoration of cuddling and their tendency to form strong bonds with their main caretaker.  

Still, it's only a sign of how much they care, and as kids mature, they get kinder. 

For anybody looking to experience the joy that a dog can bring into their lives, a Chihuahua is an excellent choice. 

As you hold, pet, and cuddle them, they'll lick you long. 

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They get separation anxiety when you're not around since they're so attached to you.  

On the other hand, these adorable little puppies aren't quite as friendly toward strangers or bigger canines. 

The huge, laid-back breed is known as the "nanny dog" due to its friendly nature and extreme adoration for children and other family members. 

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