State Secret Restaurants You Must Try

Some of the best meals are in unlikely settings. These are America's best hidden gems, from restaurants hidden behind storefronts to little huts off the beaten path and restaurants visited only by locals.

Though generations of youngsters learned here from 1856-1920, Mossy Grove Schoolhouse is now a successful Southern restaurant serving decent food.

Its stripped wooden walls, aged tables, and front blackboard add historical appeal two miles south of Highway 231.

The meal is wonderful. Our advice? Try the fried catfish, the handmade sides, and Key lime pie.

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 This local favorite is off the usual path and should be on your itinerary if you visit Chichagof Island for a cruise or natural beauty. 

Nestled among stunning mountains and forests, the fish restaurant delivers locally fished, fresh, and expertly prepared produce. 

Everything here is delicious, but the grilled halibut and salmon tacos with zingy slaw and side salads are divine.

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