Solar Eclipse: Should Pets Stay Indoors?

You probably know what you'll do on April 8, 2024, when the Great North American total solar eclipse crosses the continental US.

You've had your safety glasses ready since January (and confirmed they'll protect your retinas), found the greatest spot in your neighborhood for the finest view, and remembered Nikon's advice for photographing this uncommon celestial spectacle. 

You may feel like you're missing something... Your pets have probably been right under your nose and on your lap the whole time.

Even if you've never seen a solar eclipse, you know not to look straight at the sun. Your four-legged relatives? 

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Why not give Fido eclipse glasses before his daily walk? If Princess Kitty sits on her favorite windowsill, may she burn her eyes?

Like humans, looking directly at the sun during a solar eclipse can damage a pet's eyes, but they probably wouldn't think of it.

Not worried about letting them out. We only hid the sun; it's not more dangerous. I think pet owners should consider that. No worries regarding my cat.”

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