Smarter-than-average dogs

We know many dogs are smart despite their ridiculous behavior. However, breeds vary in intelligence and trainability. 

This article lists 17 smarter dogs.Border Collies learn complicated tricks and orders quickly. 

Stanley Coren's book on dog intelligence puts them as the world's smartest breed, according to Reader's Digest.

Intelligent and trainable, poodles excel at agility. Their fluffy hypoallergenic coats make them popular with allergy sufferers. 

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Poodles are friendly with kids and other canines.Police and military utilize German Shepherds for good cause.

They are smart, loyal, and protective, making them great security dogs.American Golden Retrievers are appreciated for their pleasant personality, fluffy coats, and training easiness. 

They also have great intelligence and mental agility. Their happiness and health depend on regular mental stimulation.

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