Simple Recipes You Can Create Blindfolded

This meal embodies Italian cuisine with a few ingredients. The thick, tomato-based sauce on every strand of spaghetti makes Spaghetti Marinara easy and universally liked.

Classic that never disappoints.This is the perfect tasty grab-and-go lunch. Our customizable, simple Easy Burrito uses your favorite toppings on a soft tortilla. 

It's ideal for busy nights or when you want a quick meal.This green stalk has never been easier to make into a crispy, tasty side.

Air-fried asparagus always turns out lightly browned and delicate, illustrating that healthy eating can be good and easy.

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 It revolutionizes easy side dishes.This creamy, tomato-based recipe is easy to make. Penne Alla Vodka has a creamy, somewhat tangy sauce with the proper kick.

This elegant supper is easy to make and excellent for entertaining or indulging yourself.Explore colorful vegetables with this easy and nutritious choice. 

Vegetable Stir Fry is a colorful blend of your favorite vegetables in a simple sauce. The finest of your fridge is shown in this nutritious, quick supper that keeps you satiated.

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