Simple, Delicious Homemade Desserts That Will Make You Smile

Nothing beats handmade desserts. You can prepare the perfect dessert with these 23 recipes.   

The love you put into these delicacies will be evident in every bite. These sweets make you smile! Bake one today to improve your day immediately.  

The best dessert for a hot day is coffee caramel ice cream bars. Enjoy this absurdly simple ice cream bar recipe without an ice cream maker after grilling.   

Several simple ingredients and a freezer are enough.Moisture-filled chocolate hazelnut sponges, smooth Nutella mousseline cream, crunchy hazelnuts, and crushed Ferrero Rocher chocolates make this cake the perfect celebration cake.  

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A sweet and crunchy pie crust and tangy ricotta lemon cream filling—what could be better? Light and refreshing, this Italian ricotta pie is delicious and lovely.  

Cream pies are great for non-chocolate-loving family members who want something unique.  

With fluffy cream cheese icing, this soft and supple chocolate cake becomes rich and indulgent.  

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