Safe houseplants for dog owners

In particular, pups love to chew on anything they can. Same for houseplants. Knowing which houseplants are dog-safe might prevent significant issues.

Fortunately, many popular houseplants are non-toxic. Here are some terrific options for dog owners whose pets prefer to eat leaves.

The Areca palm is a popular home decor palm. It grows up to eight feet indoors and has fluffy, arching fronds.

They need direct, strong light. Keep the tree in a smaller pot to restrict its size.

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Areca palms are larger than parlor palms. Tropical parlor trees like low light and damp soil. Its air-purifying properties and wispy leaves make it ideal for your living area.

Zebra cacti are petite, delicate succulents with thick, dark green foliage with white stripes. 

To avoid harm, place your zebra cactus on a high shelf out of reach of your dog.A braided stem and vivid green leaves distinguish the money tree. 

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