Restaurant Deal-Breakers That Tell You to Leave

Sometimes it's not just the menu that keeps us in a restaurant. Strange odors, decor, or lighting can make us hesitate.   

This list covers deal-breakers that may make you leave before you've sat down.  

How would you feel if you sat down at your favorite restaurant, excitedly anticipating the great food, but the table was so greased it could hold a Slip 'n Slide contest?  

Not losing your appetite instantly is tricky. No one likes to play table hockey, thus restaurant tables shouldn't be greasy.  

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Imagine entering a restaurant to dine and seeing the "I haven't been cleaned since the Stone Age." vibe.   

Like an obstacle course, it tests your commitment to excellent cuisine and your dislike of dirty spaces.  

A commenter recounts: "A neighborhood restaurant's fragrance ruined my appetite years ago.  

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