Professional Desserts That Are Surprisingly Easy

Professional bakeries and pastry businesses provided these 29 recipes. Each one looks and tastes divine.

Professional dessert recipes are easy to make, so don't worry! We simplified the recipes so even a newbie baker can make these perfect sweets. 

Try them and you'll bake like a pro in no time!Fraisier cake rules strawberry delights. Fraisier cake looks difficult to create because of its half-strawberry design.

Actually, it's simple. Just two layers of genoise sponge, vanilla Créme mousseline, and strawberries! Strawberry desserts can wow guests.

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Chocolate ice cream bars are fun and informal sweets that guests can pick up and share. 

Additionally, they are very simple to create!Napoleon cake is a stunning treat. Buttery, crispy puff pastry with silky pastry cream between layers tastes great. 

This quick Napoleon cake can be topped with fresh berries and powdered sugar for a summery touch or a light layer of cream and finely crushed puff pastry pieces.

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