Preparing to Fly with Your Dog

Post-pandemic travel is already chaotic, and coronavirus revenge travel is causing airline cancellations. 

You may also sense baseline anxiousness when boarding a plane. Even the most loyal dog can complicate travel. Many pet owners fly with their dogs.   

Approximately 2 million pets ride U.S. commercial flights annually, according to the Transportation Department.  

Many reasons exist to travel with your pet best friend. Making new memories together is fun.  

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And knowing your pet is pleased at your side can give you peace, says Healthy Paws Pet Insurance consulting veterinarian Zac Pilossoph, DVM.   

many hotels, airlines, restaurants, and resorts allow pets."These are good reasons to bring your dog as a plus-one, but flying with dogs is complicated .

notify your airline that you will be traveling with a dog. Calling the airline lets you ask about their pet policies and learn about the experience.  

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