Prepare to Bring a Puppy Home Tips

It's thrilling to obtain a new puppy for your family! Shopping for a bed and toys is delightful, and you imagine all the fun you'll have together.   

However, getting a puppy is laborious.We got a puppy a few weeks ago, so I know!Dog trainer Ingrid provides much of information for owners.   

At the end of March, she posted six helpful puppy-buying suggestions on TikTok! She discusses utilizing their food as treats for training, crate training, socialization, and other crucial initial steps with your new pet.  

Do you agree with Ingrid's advice? I like them all! The crate training one stands out. We didn't cage train our West Highland Terriers.  

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Having a safe place for our new cattle dog mix puppy when we leave the house and when she sleeps has been extremely beneficial.  

Getting a puppy is exciting, but you need to teach them a lot to avoid raising a monster. You should socialize your new puppy right immediately if you've done your research and picked the proper breed for your family.  

Take your dog on walks and car journeys to introduce it to different situations outside home.  

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