Potentially Difficult Zodiac Signs to Deal With at the Start of April  

These challenges are the universe's gentle but firm way of telling us to tap into the latent power within ourselves.  

Sign of the Ram  The challenging terrain that April brings to Aries is sure to put your every move and choice to the test. 

The challenges you encounter need for a combination of unfiltered bravery and keen self-reflection. 

During this time, you should focus on facing your fears, accepting them, and making the decision to overcome them. 

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Sign of Libra  At the beginning of April, Libra is in a very vulnerable position, as if she were balancing on a wire during a storm. 

You feel that you're never going to achieve the harmony you seek in all parts of your life, no matter how hard you try.  

This stage is like a gentle prod from on high, encouraging you to discover harmony not by ignoring the discord but by delving deeper into it. 

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