popular low-barking dog breeds  

If a dog is too noisy, agitated, or aggressive to be a companion, its bark can be worse than its bite.  

Thank goodness many great canines are quiet, making them ideal for families, close-quarter apartment life, and peaceful houses.  

North African sloughi and Japanese chin are rare or unknown. Other popular breeds include the loving pug and affable golden retriever.   

Rhodesian ridgebacks, hunting dogs, rarely bark. Tracking prey required stealth and silence due to their reproduction.  

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Herding dogs are quiet too. Over generations, shepherd dogs learnt to keep quiet because flocks might startle easily.   

Barking could cause chaos. They learned to catch stray animals or bite them instead of barking. Retrievers used their noses to discover and retrieve downed prey without barking.  

Indoor dogs like Pekingese and English toy spaniels were trained to be quiet and well-behaved for imperial palaces and aristocratic estates.   

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