No Bite Is Too Small For These Homemade Sliders. 

It's not skewering appetizers onto individual plates or turning burgers over on the grill.  

There are sliders! Whether you're hosting an outdoor event, serving a snack, or just want something simple and nice to eat, these sandwiches are perfect. 

Several slider recipes from The Pioneer Woman begin with a dinner roll packet, which is a store-bought trick.  

In a horizontal slice, split the entire package of rolls in half. (Pro tip: cut the rolls with a bread knife so they don't fall apart.) 

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Afterwards, arrange your preferred meats and cheeses on the underside of the rolls, being sure to include your toppings as well. 

Melt the cheese and make them crispy and golden brown with a fast oven toast.  

A full-sized sandwich might be the last thing you ever want. 

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