Must-Avoid Buffet Foods

We Americans love buffets. Customers get the most for their money with defined prices and the option to load their plate with whatever they desire.   

Big eaters enjoy buffets, therefore restaurants lose money with them. Some, like myself, are the target.  

We pay the predetermined fee and eat little, so the restaurant makes money. Buffets have been losing popularity for a time for several reasons.   

Most prominent are poor sanitation and widespread food-borne infections from buffet restaurants.  

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Buffet food isn't always healthy, so choose fruits and vegetables for a balanced lunch. Cantaloupe should be avoided. Melons usually include germs.   

Cantaloupe lacks acidity to repel bugs, unlike other fruits. According to a Food Handler Food Safety Course, cantaloupe produces bacteria quickly and will spoil if not stored and replaced properly.  

Avoid raw seafood, especially oysters, at all-you-can-eat buffets. If improperly handled and stored, these delights can grow microorganisms that make you sick.  

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