Long-Haired Dogs with Beautiful Locks

Full dog hair is one of the most remarkable things. Whether you choose long-haired dogs with flowing locks like the Afghan hound or long-corded 

manes like the Bergamasco sheepdog and Komondor, you'll discover a beautiful dog. You'll visit the groomer.

Despite their beauty, many popular dog breeds with long hair need daily or weekly brushing, or they may shed during a specific season.

We guarantee each uncommon long-haired breed will captivate you. We've selected 16 exceptional long-haired dogs. 

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Consider human hair's differences: Long hair can be curly, wavy, or straight. There are many long-haired dog breeds. 

Wiry dog hair is stiff and coarse, not fluffy. Terriers often have this hair. Curly: Poodles and doodles have loose to tightly wound curly hair.

Silky dog hair is smooth and fine, like that of the Maltese and Afghan hound. Sometimes straight, sometimes wavy.

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