latest trend claims oat drink aids weight loss

TikTokers have created an all-natural version of the unauthorized weight loss treatment oatzempic amid a Hollywood Ozempic mania.  

From Amy Schumer to Rebel Wilson, celebrities have progressively admitted to using Ozempic to lose or maintain weight.  

Oatzempic, a new nutrition fad, is named after its predecessor.TikTok describes oatzempic as a blended drink made with half a cup of rolled oats, one cup of water, half a lime juice, and a dash of cinnamon.  

In the “30-day Oatzempic Challenge,” online participants drink the cocktail daily for a month to determine if it helps them lose weight.  

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According to Healthline, oats reduce blood sugar like Ozempic does for diabetics. Additionally, oatmeal's high fiber content makes it full.  

Oatzempic users advised against using the drink as a meal replacement, even though it may fill you up.   

A Today piece on the oatzempic fad says the beverage has 140 calories, less than a meal's 200 to 700 calories, depending on the time of day.  

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