Know These Martini Facts

Martinis may be the world's most famous cocktail. The drink's invention is a matter of legend, and different persons claim credit for it.  

It is believed that a successful San Francisco miner ordered it during the Gold Rush.   

Once it started, the martini became a drink and prestige symbol by the mid-20th century.  

Since then, the martini glass with an olive or lemon twist has been a classic.The original martini has only gin and vermouth.  

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While martinis have a simple formula, their history, preparation, and flavor can be intricate.  

Martini facts abound. Know this before ordering a shaken, dry, or dirty martini.A classic martini is stirred, not shaken, even if there are hundreds of methods to make one.  

Shaking a martini with ice cools it but breaks up the ice, making it watery. Stirring boozes and chills martinis. Shaking adds air, which clouds the martini and changes its texture.  

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