Kids can exercise and lose weight by dog-walking.

help them meet the minimum recommendation of 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous daily exercise.  

Experts have been looking for a fun strategy to minimize childhood obesity since two-thirds of US and Israeli children fail to achieve such standards.  

An expert study published in the Journal for the Measurement of Physical Behaviour titled “The kids interacting with dogs study.

Piloting a novel approach for measuring dog-facilitated youth physical activity” tested and validated a new method for measuring dog-facilitated exercise in children.  

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A 12-child research indicated that 20% of their daily physical activity came from being near the family dog.   

An expanded investigation with a more varied population is underway.Dog. The University of Wisconsin–Madison  

The university's behavioral medicine lab, led by exercise scientist Prof. Katie Potter, researches strategies to get kids and dogs more active.   

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