In April, These Two Zodiac Signs Will Finally Break Their Bad Luck Streak 

Let go of whatever gloom that may have lingered like the final traces of winter's frost as we enter this vivacious month. 

Cancer Sign A break from the turbulent waves that may have defined recent times heralds April for Taurus, the unwavering bull.  

This sign of the earth is about to undergo a period of profound change, despite its reputation for seeking solace in familiar surroundings.  

Because of the planetary alignment, Taurus is encouraged to combine its natural tenacity with a willingness to embrace change. 

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Twin stars  As April begins, the air is filled with wonder and flexibility, thanks to the astrological twins Gemini. 

This Mercury-ruled air sign is experiencing a time of profound connection and clarity as the misunderstandings and blunders of yesteryear fade away. 

For Gemini, this month offers a special chance to balance their inner duality. 

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