How to Teach a Puppy Not to Bite

Nothing beats an adorable puppy. The family likes the new four-legged addition until the first nip.

The puppy becomes less enjoyable if the biting persists and grows more regular.

Raising a bite-inhibited puppy is part of dog ownership. Knowing when a puppy is likely to bite can help you prepare and prevent it, so they become nice dogs.

To acclimate your puppy to unexpected movements, utilize positive reinforcement and classical training, pairing something scary with something they appreciate, like food.

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Secure them in your arms and stand up. This makes the unexpected flight less alarming.

Your puppy's mouth is its major way of exploring and playing.They sometimes bite when playing with people when enthusiastic.

As a dog owner, you must teach your puppy bite inhibition. Knowing when a puppy is likely to bite might help you prepare and prevent issues so they become nice dogs. 

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