Homemade Desserts Calm Your Soul

Something to cheer you up? These 25 desserts will. Each dessert has warm, comforting flavors that will make you happy immediately.  

One piece of a handcrafted, scrumptious dessert makes you feel so much better! These dishes are simple to create.   

Try these cozy treats and experience love in every bite!A fall-flavored apple pie filling enhances soft and sticky cinnamon buns.   

The fluffy brioche dough with apples and cream cheese topping is delicious. The simple recipe makes these delicious buns easy to bake for beginners.

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Pecans make my gooey, crispy chocolate chip cookies even better! Crunch is addictive, and nuts balance the sweetness, making them excellent.  

Beware—you'll want more.I like fall no-bake treats. This quick apple pie may be made in 30 minutes without turning on the oven when life is busy! Apple pie filling and whipped mascarpone cream top a crunchy graham cracker shell.   

Ever bake with sweet potatoes? Great for adding sweetness, flavor, and moisture to baked goods.   

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